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Charitable Donations Needed for Prosthetic Limbs

The Jr. Dixon Foundation in Los Angeles, California, welcomes charitable donations to provide prosthetic limbs to people in need. We also welcome volunteers to assist us in our efforts.

Prosthetic Limbs

Jr. Dixon Foundation provides prosthetic limbs to children and military veterans. Our foundation was started to help families and veterans have the opportunity to afford a prosthetic limb. If you or someone you know needs help in raising money for a limb, then the foundation is here to help you. One of staff will direct you to the Children's Hospital Los Angeles™ for an assessment. Based on the hospital's recommendation the foundation can provide funding for a new prophetic limb.

Our Foundation

We have helped approximately 30 children and veterans receive a new prophetic limb, which costs approximately $40,000. Jr. Dixon Foundation can help with around 30% of that cost. The hospital will provide ongoing support and training on how to use the patient’s new limb. The staff can adjust a prophetic limb as a child grows, for better comfort or easier movement.

Prosthetic Leg - Charitable Donations


Individual and corporations are welcome to become involved in our annual fundraising events, so other children and veterans can have this wonderful opportunity. Please email or call for more information and details. Families are extremely grateful for the emotional support the foundation has provided to help people get their life back to normal. Jr. Dixon Foundation is unique, due to the fact that there is no other foundation in California that offers these services.

Contact Jr. Dixon Foundation in Los Angeles, California, to make charitable donations for prosthetic limbs.