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Modern Medical Supports from Los Angeles, California

Jr. Dixon Foundation of Los Angeles, California, is dedicated to helping provide prosthetic limbs and medical supports to children, veterans, and adults that have lost a limb. Our mission is to help people live a full life without having to struggle with proper care or needed equipment.

Prosthetic Limbs

Jr. Dixon Foundation provides prosthetic limbs to children and military veterans from around greater Los Angeles County. The foundation was started to help families and veterans afford a prosthetic limb.

Providing assessments and networking services, our staff works to connect those in need with the agencies that have the ability to provide. Whether working to raise money or directing children to the Los Angeles Children's Hospital for an assessment, we are truly here to help those needing a new prosthetic limb.

On average, a new prosthetic limb costs around $40,000. Our foundation strives to provide 30% of the costs, while helping connect clients with other agencies to further carry the costs. Additionally, we do our utmost to connect patients with the hospital best suited to provide proper training regarding the new limb, as well as the ongoing care and support. This is especially necessary for children, as they will continue to grow and need adjustments.

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Donations & Support

As a nonprofit foundation, we are able to function out of the generosity of community members, businesses, and other foundations. We welcome support of all kinds, time and finances. You are welcome to become involved with our annual fundraising events or to make direct donations. All the money donated goes to help children and adults acquire the prosthetic limbs that will forever change their lives. Join us in our mission.

Health Fair

Every year, the foundation holds a health fair, generally in April. It is one of our ways of providing for the community, giving health screenings and health assessments to needy local residents.

Children's Toy Drive

August is the month the foundation collects and donates toys and games to the Los Angeles Children's Hospital. The hospital plays a pivotal role in our mission and with children in need of a prosthetic limb.

Contact us in Los Angeles, California, to learn what you can do that will make a difference in our efforts to provide medical supports.